Jeff Spence

Associated Roles:

Project Manager

Saskatchewan, Canada


Jeff has over 20 years’ experience on complex, large projects more recently as the Project Manager. He is an outcome focused individual who usually has a dedicated successful team with him. He has a track record of mentoring and developing his teams. A major achievement is the installation of the uranium process facility for Cigar Lake mine (500m below ground) as everything (equipment, men and material) for this process plant had to go down a 4.5m dia shaft and be co-ordinated with the excavation of mine spoil and JBS works (part of Brian D’s area) which presented many logistical issues combined with weather extremes down to -60C in winter. Jeff was responsible for the supervision of the Design, Procurement, Construction and commissioning of the process facility.

Jeff’s recent projects have been related to uranium underground mining and processing plants in the north of Saskatchewan which brings with it the challenges of extreme cold, remote working, changeable geology, flooding mines. This experience gives him an enhanced perception into potential issues, risk identification, management and development and implementation of mitigation strategies. He has also had to deal with the challenges of design being carried out in a multitude of geographically separate centres and by different Engineering houses.

Jeff’s experience provides valuable insight for clients and contractors, particularly from the perspective of Canadian project overview, design, procurement, construction and commissioning areas.

Jeff Spence