Hans Picard

Associated Roles:

Productivity Management Consultan

North Carolina, America


Hans is an international management consultant with 40 years construction execution planning, risk analysis and performance management on large energy, process and mining projects. Demonstrated breakthrough productivity and business results in engineering, construction, maintenance shutdown and production.

He has demonstrated breakthrough productivity and business results utilising the approach of objectively quantifying the utilization of project resources to identify inefficiencies and waste, simultaneously observing organizational and cultural factors that impact the workforce.

Hans has had corporate roles and periods with major consultants such as Booz.Allen & Hamilton working in UK, France, Sweden, Algeria, Canada and USA yet enjoys the challenges and immediate response project work provides. His recent projects have been related to uranium underground mining and processing plants in the north of Saskatchewan which brings with it the challenges of extreme cold, remote working, changeable geology, flooding mines.

He has the knack of being able to walk around a site and pick up seemingly inconsequential issues (e.g. locations of on-site facilities, presence of supervision, preplanning of work, etc.) which do in fact translate to major effects on productivity. He also assists in bringing about a cultural shift in the execution of site works.

Hans has a Doctorate in metallurgy/materials science, an MBA in finance and economics as well as being a Mining Engineer.

Hans’ experience gives him a profound insight into potential productivity issues and how to meet the challenges that they present.

Hans Picard, Assiduous Management Service