Greg Klamus

Associated Roles:

Project Director

New South Wales, Australia


Greg has significant experience both as a senior line manager of operations and maintenance businesses and as Project Manager/Project Director/Project Board Chairman of major projects and programmes. These line management roles have spanned both public and private sector businesses with responsibility for over 700 people, operating expenditures of $300M / annum and projects with capex values of over $2B.

His in excess of 30 years’ experience spans water, rail rolling stock, gas, roads, mining, power and telecommunications, including negotiating and establishing contracts across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Bangladesh. It has included responsibility for the development and delivery of a wide range of major facilities and projects, construction contracting, consulting engineering and operations and maintenance.

Having been both an client asset owner/operator and contractor/consultant, he is sensitive to his client’s needs, particularly in the areas of optimising investments in assets that drive business outcomes, strategic asset management, project delivery, operations and maintenance, regulatory, stakeholder, customer, media, government and political needs. Greg has a successful record in using collaborative relationships to deliver the best outcomes for clients achieving them on time and within the agreed budget. And he thrives on challenges, achieving results, driving the delivery of better outcomes, creating and developing strong teams and creating an environment where people perform beyond expectations.

Greg has led the development, negotiation and delivery of a range of different types of contracts for both major capex projects and long-term services contracts. His experience with contracts has involved hard dollar/fixed fee, schedule of rates, upper limiting fee, alliance style and collaborative styles. His unique knowledge and experience across a range of different industry sectors spans from asset owner to construction contractor to engineering consulting, and extends from the initial identification of a business performance demand through to the investment in a new or expanded asset and then throughout its operational life. And over the last decade Greg has also successfully recovered of a number of distressed projects of various sizes and at various stages of delivery. 

Greg uses his knowledge and experience to provide clients with strong leadership and governance to ensure that project and business outcomes are clearly identified, aligned and delivered. 

He also shares his experience with the University of Wollongong and the University of Western Sydney where he chairs their Engineering Industry Advisory Committees. The Committees comprise industry representatives who provide the Deans and senior faculty staff with current industry needs and practice and guide the development of engineering courses.

Greg brings valuable insight from an owner / operators perspective for clients, particularly in respect of facilitating delivery team behaviours to produce outcomes consistent with the intended goals.

Greg Klamus