Brian Schwartz

Associated Roles:

Construction Superintendent

New South Wales, Australia


Brian has more than 30 years’ experience in major construction projects across Australia, Africa, Middle East and South East Asia. His main focus has been extensive on-site construction supervision and management of major projects encompassing dams, highways, roads, bridges, telecommunications infrastructure, marine reclamation, mining, refineries, oil fields and concrete structures.

Many of his projects have been in remote areas where men, equipment and materials were helicoptered in; he has an eye towards logistics and site self-reliance.

Brian has also encountered a few unusual challenges with projects such as escaping the Angolan civil war when he was in Zaire, being in northern Kuwait immediately after desert storm with the Iraqi’s planting land mines amongst the construction equipment at night and trying to build an access road along the old Ho Chi Min trail in Laos and finding unexploded ordnance along the way. Overall he is a fairly quiet, unflappable person who mentors his team.

Brian has a wealth of experience in understanding the seemingly inconsequential things which majorly influence the project productivity.

Brian Schwartz